Quantity Surveyor Syllabus

Understanding the Basics of UNITS System,

How to READ the DRAWINGS Documentation controller works,

More on UNITS and Dimensions with Practical Applications,

Role of Quantity Surveyor in Pre construction Stage,

RATE ANALYSIS Steps for various items,

Quantity Calculation for Excavation Works,

Quantity Calculation works for Footings or Underground,

Underground works : Shuttering, Steel, footing concrete calculation steps in EASY METHODS,

Quantity Calculation for above the Ground Works,

Quantity Calculation for Plinth Beams, Columns, SLAB Beams, SLABS, etc.,

Quantity Calculation for Finishing Works, Brick work calculation,

Plaster Calculation ( In and out), Painting, Wood Works calculation etc.,

Preparation of Bar bending Schedule

Preparation of reconciliation report

preparation of DPR & DMR

Interior works Calculation and Important steps to REMEMBER while doing,

Role of Quantity Surveyor during Construction stage,

Weekly Bill Preparation – HOW and Why, Work order Preparation STEPS,

What is BOQ and role of Quantity, Surveyor in Preparing the BOQ Other important documentation and reports preparation steps,

What is Cash Flow, BILL Preparation, HOW to Check the BILLS,

BILL Certifications, How to close a BILL,

Role of Quantity Surveyor in Post, Construction Works, Estimation and Quantity Calculation What is Tendering and How Tendering Process happens.