Quantity Surveyor

Understanding the Basics of UNITS System, How to READ the DRAWINGS Documentation controller works, More on UNITS and Dimensions with Practical Applications, Role of Quantity Surveyor in Pre construction Stage, RATE ANALYSIS Steps for various items, Quantity Calculation for Excavation Works, Quantity Calculation works for Footings or Underground, Underground works : Shuttering, Steel, footing concrete calculation steps in EASY METHODS, Quantity Calculation for above the Ground Works, Quantity Calculation for Plinth Beams, Columns, SLAB Beams, SLABS, etc., Quantity Calculation for Finishing Works, Brick work calculation, Plaster Calculation ( In and out), Painting, Wood Works calculation etc., Interior works Calculation and Important steps to REMEMBER while doing, Role of Quantity Surveyor during Construction stage, Weekly Bill Preparation – HOW and Why, Work order Preparation STEPS, What is BOQ and role of Quantity, Surveyor in Preparing the BOQ Other important documentation and reports preparation steps, What is Cash Flow, BILL Preparation, HOW to Check the BILLS, BILL Certifications, How to close a BILL, Role of Quantity Surveyor in Post, Construction Works, Estimation and Quantity Calculation What is Tendering and How Tendering Process happens.

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Planning Engineer

Main skills, Planning Engineer Responsibilities Planning Main Skill, How to read and understand Primavera Time Schedule, Project Cash flow and Manpower ,Histogram, Shop Drawings Tracking Log, Materials Procurement Tracking Log, Weekly / Monthly Reports Excel ,Fundamentals for Planning Engineers, Create Activity List with what you learned, Primavera Step by Step Download and Setup, Create WBS and Activity codes in primavera, Import activity list from Excel to Primavera, Estimate the activities duration in Primavera, Link Activities and define activities relationships in Primavera, Add the cost to each activity in the schedule, Add shop drawings to the time schedule, Add materials submittals, approvals, procurement and link them to activities, Create shop drawing -and- procurement tracking log, Estimate the Manpower, Create resource loading sheet on excel,, Standard Labor Productivity rates, How to import Manpower from Excel to primavera, How to create Cash Flow How to create Man Power Histogram Create baseline, Payment Certificate and update the schedule


Structural Detailing

Detailing for Footing Detailing for Column Detailing for Beam Detailing for Slab and staircase Different types support Basic load calculations Wind load analysis Manual analysis concept Analysis of RCC Structural components Manual design of RCC Structural components Analysis of result Finite Element Analysis concept Finding error in design Finding error in detailing Basic of Steel Structural Analysis Basics of steel structure design



This course introduces students to the fundamentals of becoming a draftsman. After becoming familiar with basic drafting terminology, students begin developing multi-view drawings and learning about projection methods, auxiliary views and section views. Lettering, tolerance, metric construction, technical sketching and orthographic projection are also covered. Drafting terminology Working with CAD software How to read blueprints How to prepare blueprints Descriptive geometry Architectural drafting How to prepare vasthu paln Mechanical and technical drafting Basics of Vasthu Understandings of isometric views of structure Reading of 3D views

Interior Designer

Interior decoration and its Principle Projection and uses Plan, Elevation and Section Concept of Beam, column. Foundation, Roof, floors, Stair case etc. Door & Windows Brick Masonry – (Brick Bond, Types of brick and Size) Stone Masonry – Bonds and types, Construction tools Lintel and Arches Isometric, Perspective Projection(definition) Introduction of basic Drawing software(Computer Aided Drafting) Application of software Different command and uses of Auto Cad Limitation and Benefits of Auto Cad Vastu Sastra - uses in interior design Foundation Detailing(simple) Curving system. Perspective projection (Station points, Picture plane etc.) Method of drawing Perspective View. Uses of Commands Practically. Auto cad Scale and drawing area Auto cad drawing Editing Auto cad drawing Dimensioning Auto cad drawing Text Auto cad drawing Plotting and Printing Plan and four wall elevation of a Residence, Shop, Showroom, and Clinic. Perspective Projection (one point and two points) Drawing of a simple foundation Auto cad drawing rendering

                                                                                                             Draughtsman MEP-Electrical

AutoCad Basics Introduction to Building Industry-Plan, Section & Elevation
Apartment Lighting Design in CAD
Types of DB, Circuit Breakers and its Selection
DB schedule designing in CAD
Load calculation, transformer and DG set calculation
Power system components, types of panels, electrical consumers
Scheme designing – Apartment and commercial projects
Scheme designing – Apartment and commercial projects )
Equipment/substation layout designing (CAD)
various electrical calculations
Single Line diagram & basics in Plumbing layouts

Short term courses

Training For Licensed Building Surveyor Vasthu Site Engineer Bar bending Schedule Civil Engineering applications of excel