Planning engineers determine and develop the most suitable and economically viable construction and engineering methods for projects.


To specify the reason why a project is important

To specify the quality of the deliverable

Resource estimate


Investment, corporate agreement and funding

Implementation of management plan on to the project

Team building and motivation

Risk assessments and change in the project


Stakeholder management

Provider management

Closing the project.

Course Content:

Quantity Take Off

Rate analysis

Project planning (Buildings, Roads and Water Treatment Plant)

Project management procedures

Project co-ordination techniques (with Structure designer, Architect, Planning, Billing, QA/QC, Accounts, Hr, and purchase)

Budgeting of Building projects,

Budgeting of building projects

Budgeting of roads projects

Primavera basics.

Critical chain project management (CCPM)

Project management types

Risk management

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Organization Breakdown Structure

Enterprise Project Structure

Report Preparations

Finding Variance

Presentation Preparation